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Welcome to Texas Health’s secure portal which exclusively facilitates the exchange of business and clinical care information between and among providers and other healthcare professional's.

Access to the CareGate portal requires following our simple registration process. If you need further information, call the ITS Service Desk at 800-306-4690.

Data Sharing Services Agreement

The Data Sharing Services Agreement is required to be on file for the clinic/organization of all non-physician users. If your organization has never executed a Data Sharing Services Agreement with Texas Health, please contact us at to request a form.

Security Administrator

Each organization must identify a primary and secondary Security Administrator whose responsibilities include approving new access, reporting terminations, auditing access, and reporting role changes to ensure appropriate access. To request a new person be designated as the Primary and/or Secondary Security Administrator, please fill out the form below and submit to the CareGate team.

The Texas Health Research & Education Institute offers more than 100 no-fee activities for Continuing Medical Education credit. The institute's catalog also lists regularly scheduled conferences and other CME activities. If you need further information, please call 1-866-295-3269.

Texas Health values its relationship with physicians. You are a critical link in our commitment to the highest ethical and legal business practices and our efforts to detect and prevent violations of federal and state fraud, waste and abuse laws. Please review the Texas Health physician compliance Web site and become familiar with the system's compliance standards.

Note: This system is intended for use by Texas Health Resources.  Any attempt at unauthorized access or use of this system is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.
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