CareGate Portal

To begin the registration process, please select your appropriate title and then Continue.
Existing Clinic

If you are currently a CareGate Link Security Admin and need to request new access navigate to EpicCare Link: (

  1. Login to EpicCare Link with your credentials
  2. Click the Admin Tab
  3. Click Account requests
  4. Request Access as appropriate
New Clinic

If you currently do not have CareGate Link access, please register your clinic for EpicCare Link using the following steps:

  1. Access EpicCare Link: (
  2. Click “Request New Account” button to begin registration process
  3. Request Access as appropriate
Security Administrator requesting access

If you are a Security Administrator for your clinic but do not have a valid login please follow the "New Clinic" steps (above) to register for EpicCare Link access.

If you have any issues contact us at or by dialing 682-236-4357
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